Policy Reform

Mississippi Child Care Development Fund: Program Implementation Evaluation and Impact Analysis (commissioned by MLICCI from the MSU Stennis Institute, 2005)
The study played a role in the introduction of a bill requiring the State Auditor’s Office to conduct a review of DHS’ use of federal child care funds which was completed and released by the Auditor’s Office in 2007. Key recommendations:

  • Maximize federal funding;
  • Enhance economic development opportunities for child care providers;
  • More transparency in contract management; and
  • Provide for external auditing.

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Designing Subsidy Systems to Meet the Needs of Families: An Overview of Policy Research Findings (commissioned by MLICCI from the Urban Institute, 2008)
This MLICCI publication has been shared nationally as a resource for states across the country. Key recommendations:

  • Link child care subsidies to other social service programs;
  • Improve customer service;
  • Simplify application, eligibility redetermination, and recertification processes;
  • Minimize inadvertent terminations of child care subsidies; and
  • Recommendations for agencies to improve access and retention for families receiving subsidy.

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Head Start and Child Care Partnerships Policy Brief (commissioned by MLICCI from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 2009)
This policy brief outlines the steps that all states should take to align early childhood systems and introduces recommendations to the Mississippi State Early Childhood Advisory Council, mandated by the 2007 Congressional Re-authorization of Head Start. Key recommendations:

  • State leadership for collaboration;
  • Develop coordinated governance structures;
  • Increase child care subsidy duration;
  • Use contracts instead of vouchers for partnering organizations;
  • Award grants for child care programs to meet Head Start standards; and
  • Provide cross-sector technical assistance and professional development.

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