Investing in Futures: The Business of Child Care in Mississippi (published 2003)
Mississippi’s first economic impact study of child care. Key recommendations: Increased state and federal funding for child care certificates and improvements to the certificate program. [Read the full report]

Broadening the Base: Strengthening Mississippi’s Working Families, Businesses, and Economy Through Strong Child Care Systems (commissioned by MLICCI from the MS Economic Policy Center, 2008)
Key recommendations:

  • Prioritizing low-income child care to maximize federal funding resources via Community Development Block Grant, TANF, and Child Care and Development Fund;
  • Provide financial incentive for child care workers to complete education and training;
  • Expand child care to more community and junior colleges in MS for parents in school;
  • Increase reimbursement rates to centers serving low-income children, along with other funding streams, to assist centers serving low-income children meet new quality improvements.

[Read the full report] 

Where’s the Money? Financial Help for Child Care Centers and the Families They Serve 
This resource manual was developed originally with a core group of 20 child care center directors located in the Mississippi Delta, but has been updated several times. Updated version coming soon!